Thursday, 3 September 2009


Looking forward to tour. Never mess with a fat kid in a wheelchair.

"Lovvers were my least favourite band of the whole Festival. Cynical and pointless, their pretend "couldn't care less" was completely out of place in the context of enthusiasm and commitment shown by all the other bands on BBC Introducing Stage (see below). Even the attempt to humiliate a member of the audience rebounded. That's how it looked to me."

The records been getting some positve feedback aswell,

"The received wisdom is that certain labels can do no wrong, Factory, Creation, Warp, Sub Pop; these were/are surely more cultutal bastions than commercial enterprises, forging ahead on the ship of impeccable taste, never failing to spot genius in the making anfd doing it all for us so we don't have to."

So far so good......

"With a roster containing amongst others The Cribs, Bloc party and Conor Oberst, you could argue that a similar logic applies to Wichita. You'd be wrong of course because based on OCD Go Go Girls, The Lovvers are about to prove that even imprint supremo DICK GREEN and his team are failible after all."

"How does it sound? Like it was recorded inside a shed, excluding the pointlessly mystifying use of a rolling timpani on the intro - with child like riffs copied from "Lets play indie punk #101" and distorted vocals that resemble two crackheads (that must be the double tracking) screamining the contents of a chinese menu at each other across Times Square. Tellingly, they toured with other micro scene acts like Times New Viking and Wichita would like us to believe they're the very spirit of 1976's talentless-optional DIY aesthectic. But for every New Order, there was a Shark Vegas, so please Dick, pull the other one!"

Who are Shark Vegas anyway? Answers on a postcard! (Why do you never hear that phrase anymore?) The internet has alot to answer for.


Talk is Cheap said...

And for every good band that tries to do something interesting, there is a wanker of a journalist; who only takes the cock out of his mouth to talk shit about something he doesn't do, he just writes about.

villaaston said...

I quite like it