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'A clean entry, no splash back and much better than Steve's belly flop. 9.5 id say...' Laurence Eaves


Kurt Vile @ 529

Our Luxurious Van


Dead Mouse


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Here you go:

20 Oct Santos - panache CMJ showcase New York, NY (11pm)

21 Oct Kung Fu Necktie Philadelphia, PA w/ Popo

22 Oct Pianos - Brooklyn Vegan CMJ New York, NY (3pm)

22 Oct Comet Pizza and Ping Pong Washington DC

23 Oct Dartmouth Collage Hanover, NH w/ Turbo Fruits

24 Oct Brooklyn Bowl CMJ New York, NY (6pm)

24 Oct Union pool - panache CMJ showcase New York, NY (11pm)

25 Oct Casa Del Popolo Montreal, QBC

26 Oct The Garrison Toronto, ON (Pre Fucked Up Fest Party)

27 Oct Now That's Class Cleveland, OH

28 Oct Cafe Bourbon Street Columbus, OH

29 Oct Garden Bowl Cafe Detroit, MI

30 Oct Mac's Bar Lansing, MI

31 Oct Firebird St. Louis, MO w/ Turbo Fruits

1 Nov Hideout Chicago, IL w/ Turbo Fruits + Half Rats

2 Nov Hi Tone Memphis, TN w/ Kurt Vile

3 Nov 529 Atlanta, GA w/ Kurt Vile

4 Nov Black Owl Trading Florence, AL

5 Nov Saturn Bar New Orleans, LA w/ An Albatross

6 Nov Sam's Burger Joint San Antonio, TX w/ Shonen Knife + The Strange Boys

7 Nov Beerland Austin, TX w/ Jack Oblivian

10 Nov The Rhythm Room Pheonix, AZ w/ Health

11 Nov Bujwah El Centro, CA

12 Nov Bar Pink Elephant San Diego, CA

13 Nov The Smell Los Angeles, CA w/ The Urinals + Signals

14 Nov Spaceland Los Angeles, CA w/ Abe Vigoda + Le Face + An Albatross

15 Nov House Party Fullerton, CA w/ Audacity

16 Nov Elbo Room San Francisco, CA w/ An Albatross + The Fresh & Onlys

19 Nov East End Portland, OR w/ Nice Boys

20 Nov Comet Tavern Seattle, WA w/ Past Lives + Intelligence

21 Nov Biltmore Cabaret Vancouver, BC

Monday, 12 October 2009


Playing in the park and outside Crypt Records.

Check out this recent interview and cool blog:

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Our courageous driver Matthew, with one eye on the road and the other keeping a look out for French mademoiselles....

Henry eating a pizza in Nemours, seen through the eyes of Michael and Stephen

Stephen and Michael eating a pizza in Nemours, France, as seen through the eyes of Henry.


A depiction of the interview process, as seen by our cheeky sound engineer Lol.

What The Uck

Buffalo Bar, Cardiff has had a makeover. Cheers Noel & Adam

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Datum: 29. September 2009 13:41:59 MESZ


Lovvers song "AXTXTXIXTXUXDXE" is so ass-kicing stuff that i had a car accident listening exactly to this one on the highway this sunday very late night.

just one wheel + front window destroyed. no harm. :)

looking forward the show!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Come see 'Prize Pets' play with us in Sheffield this month. They are a new Nottingham band and you can check them out here:

Also check out 'Guilty Parents' another new Nottingham band. They kind of sound like old Die Kreuzen but with John 'Gilbert' Joseph on vocals:

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If you are putting on a show, and you are having trouble coming up with a sure-fire winning flier guaranteed to lure in the punters.. here's a few ideas for you. (My how far the internet has come since 2007)

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Here's a new song we recorded with Jarvis Taveniere (Woods / Meneguar) at his Rear House Studios in Brooklyn, New York.

Lovvers - Society Jam by divisionpromotions

It should be available as a 7" with the song 'Traffic Jam' at some point.

Some of this was actually recorded in a toilet so the reviewers will have to think of something else to talk about with this one.

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Looking forward to tour. Never mess with a fat kid in a wheelchair.

"Lovvers were my least favourite band of the whole Festival. Cynical and pointless, their pretend "couldn't care less" was completely out of place in the context of enthusiasm and commitment shown by all the other bands on BBC Introducing Stage (see below). Even the attempt to humiliate a member of the audience rebounded. That's how it looked to me."

The records been getting some positve feedback aswell,

"The received wisdom is that certain labels can do no wrong, Factory, Creation, Warp, Sub Pop; these were/are surely more cultutal bastions than commercial enterprises, forging ahead on the ship of impeccable taste, never failing to spot genius in the making anfd doing it all for us so we don't have to."

So far so good......

"With a roster containing amongst others The Cribs, Bloc party and Conor Oberst, you could argue that a similar logic applies to Wichita. You'd be wrong of course because based on OCD Go Go Girls, The Lovvers are about to prove that even imprint supremo DICK GREEN and his team are failible after all."

"How does it sound? Like it was recorded inside a shed, excluding the pointlessly mystifying use of a rolling timpani on the intro - with child like riffs copied from "Lets play indie punk #101" and distorted vocals that resemble two crackheads (that must be the double tracking) screamining the contents of a chinese menu at each other across Times Square. Tellingly, they toured with other micro scene acts like Times New Viking and Wichita would like us to believe they're the very spirit of 1976's talentless-optional DIY aesthectic. But for every New Order, there was a Shark Vegas, so please Dick, pull the other one!"

Who are Shark Vegas anyway? Answers on a postcard! (Why do you never hear that phrase anymore?) The internet has alot to answer for.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009



We're playing two shows with DIVORCE in Scotland this week, plus a free show in Leeds tomorrow. After that we're playing READING/LEEDS Festivals. Should have all our US dates sorted soon so keep an eye out for those.

Monday, 10 August 2009


Our first full-length record comes out today, who would have thought? National AD campaign aside, we've been told that the CD will be availible in a week or so but if you want vinyl then it should be in shops from today. We'll have them at shows from wednesday. We're playing 2 shows. First is at PUREGROOVE at 1pm. Second is at BARDENS from 8pm with HIPSHAKES & STRANGE BOYS. If you come to puregroove and buy an LP you get a bag with it.

Infact if you buy the LP from any of the following places, you also get a bag. So Rough trade east and west, Piccadilly Manchester, Banquet Kingston, Resident Brighton and Norman Records mailorder aswell. In other goings on, we've been recording some stuff for some new releases. We went into Rear House in NYC (see below) and hope to release what we recorded there for our fall US tour. We're also gonna be featured on this FLIPPER compilation that Dominio is putting together and the OIB 7inch is out AUGUST 30th.

Aside from records we are slowly confirming shows for the rest of the year, we're going to be on tour from Sept 17th and this will include UK, Ireland, Europe and America all in one big hit. We'll post all the dates here when there done, otherwise double click the LP cover on the right and it'll take you to the shows we currently have booked! Over and out.