Thursday, 9 July 2009


Two days ago i was wondering if anyone actually reads this blog. Yesterday we received an email from someone representing the band CRASS. Remember CRASS the anarcho-punk band from the late 70's who utilised and advocated that "Do it Yourself" approach and were famed for there anarcho ways. Well they've asked us to remove our take on their logo from this blog, otherwise our label informed us they'd take legal action and sue. Can you imagine how funny a situation that would be? Shame really i thought they wouldn't give a shit. Oh well, guess they have a reputation to uphold. Anyways i found this funny quote from Steve Ignorant, "I don't have to justify what I do. (...) . Remember that three-letter word, 'fun'?" Apparently not Steve.


Schnack said...

hi there. we did not threaten legal action. we asked really nicely for you not to use something which was not "a take" on the Crass logo, but a direct copy of it, which you did not even bother to credit. we even told you how much we liked your music (which is true).

yes do it yourself does mean exactly that - do it YOURSELF, don't claim someone else's work as your own.

Schnack said...

in fact, here is our actual message to you:

From: Southern
Date: 08 Jul 2009, 15:55
Subject: Crass logo

Hi Folks

Absolutely love your music, and you seem to be really nice people.

We need to respectfully request that you stop using the Crass logo on your site here on myspace, or anywhere else that you may have used it. Don't want to be heavy about it, but it belongs to the band and Dave King who designed it, and we do need to assert the band's rights to exclusive use.

Hope this isn't a problem for you. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks so much!

Allison/Southern Records
on behalf of the members of Crass

holotone said...

Lame move on your part, Lovvers - Crass, IMHO, was well within their rights to nicely ask you to stop using a completely unoriginal, non-derivative use of their iconic symbol (that *they designed) without attribution and as if it was your own.

That goes double for responding to their reasonable request with anything other than a humble apology.

e. said...

we're all giving this douche attention that they're sourly lacking from their mummy and daddy.
this was apparently the only way to get it?
pay no attention to these losers.

Plonsker said...

I guess people do read this blog.
I think it's funny that Crass is being portrayed here almost like a corporate power in the punk world, as if they are the bad guys or some kind of evil empire.
I think the use of the symbol is disrespectful and reflects poorly on your band. You should have a fan contest to create a new symbol.

Talk is Cheap said...

it's a fucking logo! when was punk rock ever about ownership? i must have missed that one. Get a sense of humour.

Alex said...

Property is theft apparently doesn't apply to intellectual property, the most pernicious form of capitalist ownership.

slybacon said...

oh crass ,get a fucking grip. how sad a band who did so much have been reduced to petty bollocks like this. The modern world must seem like such a terrifying place to these ridiculous old middle class hippy relics....